mardi 29 juillet 2014

Open Letter to Francois Hollande by Jacob Cohen, writer and anti-zionist

Translation of Open Letter to Francois Hollande our "French" president of the Republic , written by Jacob Cohen, writer and anti-zionist based in France. French version in the link.

You may be surprised, M François Hollande, or rather will pretend to be, by this name in quotation marks. Because according to the founding documents, you are supposed to defend the interests of the Republic and the legal principles that are her foundations.

But all indications, since you took office, demonstrate a blind and unconditional allegiance to a foreign country that has violated every international law for the last 66 years.

I must say that you inherit a political party, so called "socialist, which with Israel, participated in a military campaign in 1956 against colonial Egypt which has provided Israel with nuclear weapons that could one day turn against Europe.

Of course, you grumble a little about the colonization, occupation, annexations and other Zionist abuses Similarly, you receive Harki chief of the Palestinian Authority and encourage them to negotiate endlessly with their Zionist masters.

But this is all just hot air, produced with the approval of your Zionist overlord, to deceive the naive. If not, why are the latest sanctions against Russia for the annexation of the Crimea, following a successful referendum, not considered for the annexation of East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, effective for 45 years?

Your criminal complicity with the Zionist state is coupled with unconditional allegiance to its representatives in France. To the extent of transforming the institutions of the Republic, such as the Justice and Police, CRIF and other Jewish Zionist agencies. The Council of State is called upon to prohibit shows or events that might displease the occult masters of France, your Masters. Any perceived "anti-semitism" is immediately suppressed by the powers that be.

Let me remind you that I was attacked by the Jewish Defence League March 12, 2012, a filmed aggression, admitted and published by the JDL, and your "justice", which receives its orders from the CRIF, had to "close the case without further action."

For this, Mr. Hollande, I accuse you of treason, and I accuse your "justice" of being "only good for the CRIF. I hope you will recognise these serious allegations. The French patriots will not understand that the Chief Magistrate did not defend his moral integrity and the honour and dignity of our main Institution.

Mr. President, since the departure of de Gaulle you have continued undermining and negating the independence of France, and you have reduced our country to the role of subcontractor to one of the greatest criminal countries of the last few decades. Inhuman massacres of hundreds of Gazan civilians helpless and without defence committed with overwhelming military force seems to leave you cold.

It is true that you sang the Zionist anthem with a prime minister whose arrogance is matched only by his desire to crush the Middle East under his boot. We will remember you and your place in history as an accomplice in the Zionist war crimes, or to borrow a famous phrase, such as "Netanyahu's little postman."

Epistolary convention forces me to adhere to etiquette so I sign off WITH MY DEEPEST CONTEMPT. 

Jacob Cohen, Franco-Moroccan citizen, anti-Zionist writer. Paris, July 20, 2014.
French version available:

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