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I accuse the french Justice of Neglect, Bias and Malfeasance

I accuse the French justice of neglect, bias and malfeasance;
by letter of Jacob Cohen.

IRIB-for our 'Justice', attacking organized band a 68-year-old writer, cover it, paint, flour and rotten egg, insult and threaten it, filming the aggression, mail and claim, and continue the work of sape, harassment and insults on the same site, and all this because this writer does share not the ideas of the aggressors. 

For the Prosecutor of our Republic, these facts did not deserve at the time (March 2012) the initiation of an investigation and the appointment of an investigating judge.

Moreover, having missed a period of decency (17 months), without any investigation, without worry about the slightest the 7 or 8 young thugs who have tackled courageously to the writer, the Prosecutor has just decided to dismiss the case. Yes, file the case!

Ah yes, I forgot a detail, a small detail. The writer in question expressed anti-Zionist, and its attackers, members of the Jewish defense League, good Jews, Zionist, protected by the Zionist bodies in France. Particular by the CRIF and the Jewish media. Of "good guys" who "goof" from time to time, according to a journalist of the 94.8 frequency.

Yet there's a hint of explanation. When our Republic says declare war on all forms of racist attacks, you need to know to decrypt. Only are concerned and thus protected the good Jews of the CRIF. In the same week where I have been assaulted, a young Jew of the lira has been (only insulted) insult in a train. Intolerable! Scandalous! Police and judge of mobilized. Recalled emergency. It was the weekend. Arrest of the culprit within 24 hours. Immediate judgment.

Ah! If I had been a writer Jewish and Zionist, knighted by the lira, and attacked by Islamist fanatics (pardon the tautology) I would have perhaps been received by the president of «ma» Republic and me would have at least given the Légion d'honneur. It is disgusting you continue chimeras for law and justice in the world.
In our Republic, "Liberté Egalité Fraternité" HA HA HA! It is not good today be Muslim. Do you know, Mister Justice (I have not the honour to know your identity) the story of this vigil Muslim, married and father of a family who has had the misfortune to cross the path of a band of Jews (always good) and that threw him into the canal and who died? Sidereal silence. Case closed? Buried case?

And the French Commissioner stabbed during a Zionist demonstration? It was necessary to find the culprits?

Our 'Justice', our large and beautiful Justice, has a history. It has been handmade on Jews under Vichy and the progressives during the war of Algeria. The France is now, by the grace of a political class under the CRIF and humiliated by Israel, eldest daughter of Zionism. Then  everything they are allowed at the judeo-sionistes in France. The political class will take his instructions at the dinner of the CRIF. The Minister of the Interior, a yarmulke on his head, proclaims his Zionism and stalking them troublions and all those who challenge the rule of the 'judeo-sionisme '. And the Minister of Justice calls to continue with the utmost severity the unconscious that call for a boycott of the last colonial State of the planet. And secularism? This beautiful Republican invention intended to spare the dates of exams for good observant Jews and incidentally to contain the emergence of this Muslim community dreaded.

You offer me, Mister Justice, the possibility to appeal your decision of "ranking". But your judicial masquerade not deserve even a stamp! And in more you put me in custody. 'Article 177-2 of the code of criminal procedure provides the sanction of the constitutions of abusive civil parties. I am certainly unaware of tackle me the Zionist lobby in France, but I'm not crazy enough to demand justice, compensation or the conviction of the guilty. I risk to be charged, with the blessing of the Prosecutor's Office that you are directing, "sneaky action motivated by racial hatred with anti-Semitic overtones". «judéo-sionistes» have a lot of imagination, and have nothing to worry about "French" institutions who serve them slavishly.

The time will change. And Zionism will die of his arrogance and his insatiable appetite for domination and the extension of his living space. Then French 'Justice' will come to its senses. She has a habit of these turnarounds. She rebuilds to serve its new masters with dignity and Diligence which have always characterized him, and that made his reputation.

I await with amused resignation your next e-mail announcing the classification of the second assault I suffered July 5, 2012 and which the authors are visible on the site of the JDL. But we cannot not too much to ask to French "Justice" than to collect this kind of evidence. Pass the time of decency (or forgotten) usual. And then you will send me a beautiful letter, well-turned and everything. And you'll have deserved your true masters. Which I am sure will not forget yours dedication to the Cause.

Jacob COHEN / / August 7, 2013
J'accuse la justice française de Négligence, de Partialité et de Forfaiture; par Jacob Cohen

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